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Welcome to US N Kids is a recent project aimed at promoting positivity and youth development, focusing on understanding, knowledge, love, education, exercise, economics, and mental development. Through this project, the organization aims to empower children with the necessary tools to thrive and succeed in today's society. With a focus on holistic development, US N Kids is committed to providing resources and support for children's overall well-being.



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This phase will be conducted by a one-on-one consultation to access the needs of the client. After each assessment in our effort to stay transparent through effective measures of communication, Us Foundation will do so via email, video conference, phone, pop-up schools and physical office locations. All documentation will be recorded and available for the courts, families, custodial parents of the client. 


US N Kids' priority in this phase is to provide a safe place for the clients and volunteers to establish a working relationship based on trust and effective communication so they can move to the next phase confidently. 


In this phase Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Knowledge". This phase will be conducted in the physical location and video conference. We will focus our attention making sure the client is aware of the struggles they have encountered and how to heal from them. We will address the importance of acknowledging where they are now, where they're being lead in their future and how to adjust what is needed to have a bright and successful future. We will encourage the client that can make anything happen as want it, believe in it and are willing to go get it, see it and practice it. 

Us N Kids will continue to remain proactive in locating the source of the client's stage in life from influence through family, friends, music, TV, or their environment. The client needs to know how they have arrived in the place they are at now. This phase is intended to last 30 to 60 days. When the client begins to learn and understand why they are at the point in life Us N Kids and the client will set goals to achieve the next level, phase three. 


In this phase Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Exercise". We believe at this level a lot of mental work has been done and there's a need to break things up bit which will require the client to establish a workout plan consisting of but not limited to a personalized Nutrional plan alongside a workout regimen to lose or gain weight depending on the clients' physical needs.

Us N Kids believe in the concept of "strong mind; strong body" that will create healthy activities that encourage fun, relieve stress and manage chaotic energy. Even though this is a different phase with a bit more fun, the client still needs to keep attainable goals carrying the understanding of what got them to this stage; knowledge of how to work through their struggles while meeting their personal workout goals before the next phase up! As always, all meetings will be documented.


This phase of Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Love ". We will emphasize the importance of self-love and self-care by understanding the needs of putting yourself first. Us N Kids believe that you must love yourself first before you can love anyone and anything. Because we value the family unit and its duplicities, we will encourage this principle of love beginning with the clients' home including parents or caregivers. We understand that some clients may not know how to show or receive love, so we have implemented daily exercises and affirmations to that can be used with family members and close friends. 

Before the client can "phase up" the household will be asked a series of questions to help us establish if they are experiencing a real change in their home in regard to this principle. All interactions will be recorded and documented to continue transparency. The client must also continue to uphold and enact all of the principles from phase one. 


This phase of Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Education". Education is a high priority for Us N Kids, though we felt it best to incorporate the previous phases in order to establish a positive mind state where the client will not have any mental distractions to have a better focus on learning curriculum. In this phase we will focus on providing tools and set goals to improve grade scores and attendance with the assistance of tutors and mentors. This is a six week phase that will include six progress reports. These reports will also have a reward initiative that continues to inspire greatness and productivity. This will be documented and recorded with an emphasis on the clients ability to incorporate phase 1-5.


This phase of Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Economics". Age is not requirement for this phase; if the client has successfully reached this point, we will begin the discussion of financial economic advancement. Us N Kids will teach the client about budgeting money by way of a small allowance they will be responsible for. Once the client has an understanding of the importance of money, how to budget and save, we will help them with small endeavors to attenuate cash flow via seeking a job with a bank account or establishing their own small business. The client would need to be in good standing with all of the previous phases before they can phase up. All interactions will be recorded and documented.


This phase of Us N Kids focuses on the principle of "Mental Development". This is the last phase of the program and will determine the success of the client and their progress. Us N Kids is looking for the client to have a positive mindset, a changed behavior with tools to navigate through any struggles they may incur, have a drive for a better lifestyle, the ability to show up for themselves as a way of self-love, a healthy diet  and exercise routine that will cater to their optimal health needs, the knowledge of economic growth and positive ways to create an optimal cash flow and smart ways to save. Once we feel like the client has progressed, we will give documents and recordings to the courts for approval with a celebratory field trip with the client! All interactions will be recorded and documented.



A Little Goes A Long Way

Welcome to Us N Kids, a leading Youth Mentorship organization committed to cultivating brilliant minds and shaping the future for generations to come. Our program is designed to provide a solid foundation for children coming from hardship, offering guidance, support, and encouragement along the way. Our donations-based system ensures that every child is given an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. If you're looking to make a difference and give back to your community, Us N Kids is the perfect place to start.

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